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Pets I've Met is a social media app for adventurous animal lovers. It allows users to keep photo memories of all the animals they meet. The app user will have a Pet Passport with all the animals they have met including details such as the date you met them, the breed of the animal, and whatever description they include.

Future versions will allow users to follow friends and see all the humans who have met their animal. Creating a social network of animal lovers!


1. Newsfeed

Each user will have a news feed where they can see the photo memories of animals other users have recorded.

2. Capture Pet Interactions

Capture a photo memory when you meet a new animal. You'll be able to remember all the animals you meet on your journey to make new furry friends.

3. Pet Passport

Catalog and track all the animals you meet. View information about them and how many interactions you've had.

Coming Soon!

Below are additional features we plan to add in after we gather more feedback. Expect to see these by Fall 2017!

4. Your Pets

Every time someone meets your pet, those interactions will show up on their profile as well!

5. Pet Profile

Each of your own animals will have their own profile. Every interactions will show up in their profile, creating a vast library of photos.

6. Connect with Rescues

Animal shelters will be able to have their own profiles as well where you can see what animals are available to go and meet! You will also be able to donate directly to the shelters through the mobile app.

7. Badges & Rewards

Earn badges as you meet more animals! For example, the Rescue Badge after you have met 5 rescue animals. Or the Purebred Badge after you have met 5 purebred animals.

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